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Sunday, Sep 20,2020
4 Things To Consider When Hiring a Tutor

Hiring a tutor can be tough and confusing at times, you don't know if they will benefit you or your child’s learning. Should you choose one based on reviews or the first impression? Below are 4 things you should consider when hiring a tutor. 


1. Have a goal in mind 

What do you want out of a tutoring session? Is it a performance goal where you want to get better grades and short term results? Is it a learning goal where you learn the concepts and are able to apply it to different scenarios?

Knowing what you want out of a tutoring session makes it easier for you to select a tutor that best meets your needs and consider the following below. 


2. Look into tutor experience and qualifications 

Look into a tutor that has appropriate credentials pertaining to the quality of work they have produced in the past. Having an experienced tutor means they are able to identify one’s problem areas and guide the student into getting back on the right track. 

Ask them additional questions on how long they have been tutoring? When do you become frustrated with students? How many students have they worked with and are currently working with? How do you communicate with a student who clearly isn’t “getting it”? 


Getting a better sense of the tutor’s experience becomes highly beneficial to the final decision-making process.


3. Look carefully at the tutor actions

If you are a parent, sit in on a portion of one of the lessons. Take note of how the teacher approaches the student, how they respond to questions being asked, how patient they are, how knowledgeable they are in what they are teaching etc. 

Students learn most effectively when they are actively involved in the process and have recognized they made a mistake. Pay attention to if the tutor gives the student a chance to explain how they came up with their answer or if they just tell them the answer right away without giving them time to think.

A good tutor lets the student make a mistake, allowing them to identify their problem and fix it. This way students can learn a transferable skill the student can use even when the tutor is not there. 


4. Students have a responsibility too

A student most benefits from a tutoring session when they are involved in the procedure. Whether it is from school or from the tutor, students should be doing their homework and be prepared to ask any questions they have. 

This way, it compels the student to think and try to grasp the concept on their own. In the case they don't get it, that’s when the tutor can assist them by explaining the right answer to them.

Additionally, having a tutor that makes sure the student feels like they are in a safe space where they are comfortable enough to ask questions without feeling judged is crucial. 

Hiring a tutor doesn’t have to be difficult with SharpMinds Academy, we have experienced tutors and the option to do a free assessment to match your child up with one of our best!

What do you think? Have you taken any of these things into consideration before hiring a tutor? Are there any other considerations you find very important?