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Principals Message
It has been my pleasure and privilege to be able to guide the development of SharpMinds Tutoring Inc. (STI) from its inception to the amazing school we have today. STI is well on its way to fulfilling our founding vision of creating a prototype school that will transform education in the 21st century.

Founded on principles and values that are essential in for good character STI is committed to supporting parents to raise the next generation of leaders

I am extremely proud of our dedicated staff and the high quality program we have developed. We are very confident that the curriculum we have chosen, while being both broad and challenging, is also based on proven academic practices, including phonics and math mastery. By keeping our classes small, providing individual attention and making learning fun, school becomes a real place to learn, to grow, and to experience one's own potential.

Students will develop the skill sets that will enable each to pursue their dreams, making a difference in the world.. Students leave STI with the confidence, skills, and responsibility to make their mark in divergent academic pursuits. It is through a clear understanding of each student's goals that the blueprint for success is forged.

Thank you for choosing STI and get ready for a bright future.

Fahim Khan
SharpMinds Tutoring Inc. ( STI)