Mathematics Programs

Sharp Minds offers qualified tutoring program for Maths in Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Aurora, Ajax and Pickering (Ontario). Maths credit course & Maths tutoring classes for all grades.

Math & Me.1, 2, 3
(Grades 1 - 3)
Students will build a strong mathematical foundation by being introduced to the five major strands of the Ontario math curriculum. They will learn how to add, subtract, tell time, count money, and sort and classify shapes and figures. These basic skills will serve as essential tools during their math journey.
Stepping Up !
(Grades 4 - 6)
Students will build on their existing knowledge of math by solving basic multiplication and division problems, examining areas of rectangles and parallelograms, and exploring fractions, money, decimals, and integers. Children will also be introduced to algebra and the magic of counting with numbers and letters.
Math Tutoring Scarborough, Ontario
(Grade 7 & 8 )
Students in Grades 7-8 will be analyzing more complex data, examining geometric relationships, modelling linear relationships graphically and algebraically, and mastering fractions, integers, and exponents. It is these skills that will provide the necessary means to assist them as they continue on their math journey. Junior Mathematicians, here we come!
Math Tutoring Scarborough, Ontario
Junior Mathemeticians
(Grade 9 & 10)
In the Junior Mathematicians program, students in Grades 9 & 10 will develop their mathematical knowledge and skills through theory, practical applications, and abstract problems.

Senior Mathemeticians
(Grade 11 & 12)
In the Senior Mathematicians program, students in Grades 11 & 12 are taught how their math skills will be used at the university, college, and/or the workplace levels. Through this program, students will acquire the necessary skills to succeed in their continuing journey with math.